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Below are sites or pages which I have been responsible for designing and maintaining:

Edinburgh University Christian Union
- a society website containing information about their years programme, who to contact and what they do.

Scottish Borders Campus of Heriot-Watt University
- during my time as temporary web editor for Heriot-Watt University I was responsible for designing and constructing the new website for the Scottish Borders Campus [ formerly the Scottish College of Textiles ].
It had to be handled with care as it was an important event for both institutions. It involved communication with staff from various departments of each institution, to ensure the information was ready for the 1st October 1999. The design was intended to be similar to the existing pages of Heriot-Watt, and yet retain some of the uniqueness of the former College.

School of Textiles, Scottish Borders Campus of Heriot-Watt
- both the School of Textiles and the School of Management also had to have their pages created so as to be similar in the design and structure of the existing departmental pages at Heriot-Watt

Heriot-Watt University Christian Union Photo Collection
- a collection of some photos from the society's outings and meetings