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name stephen ogston
age 21
date of birth sixth sept seventy-six
place of birth elgin, near inverness
nationality scottish
________ primary
__________________ kinlochleven primary school (p1 - p3) [ near fort william ]
__________________ sciennes primary school (p3) [ edinburgh ]
__________________ cayman prep school (p3 - p6) [ the carribbean ]
__________________ sciennes primary school (p7) [ edinburgh ]
__________________ leven primary school (p7) [ leven ]
________ secondary
__________________ buckhaven high school
__________________ s. grades - maths, english, physics, chemistry, geography,
__________________ technological studies, french
__________________ h. grades - maths a, english c, physics b, chemistry b, geography b
__________________ sys. grades - maths d, physics c, chemistry c
further education
__________________ heriot-watt university
__________________ physics with environmental science (mphys)

over the summer I worked in MLT (medical laser technologies) in inverkeithing, fife. this basically involved cleaning mirrors and components for their manufacture of medical laser arms as well as packing these carefully for shipment. it was challenging and gave me a true experience of what working in a small company was like.

for the last six weeks, i worked in the physics department at heriot-watt, doing introductory research into a computer-aided spectrometer for third year lab work. this research went onto be a fourth year project.

a summer camp team member for a camp with scripture union scotland, this was based in cumbria, involved in teaching candle making. also a team member on a church of scotland summer mission, involved helping with the running of morning and evening activities and trying to encourage the church to get more involved with the youth outreach.

interests and activities
i enjoy writing poems, stories, sketches and anything else which i feel like. i was an editor for the christian union's weekly newletter for two years, trying to encourage the CU to write articles to fill the pages, boy was it a hard task. i have managed to get one poem published but i think that mickey mouse could have a poem published in the book (and probably has).

i enjoy candle making, designing and just playing with wax. i have taught it a youth clubs, schools and summer camps, which encouraged the children to be more creative. sometime i would like to sell some, but i just don't have any time at the moment.

i enjoy mucking about on webpages and designing them such as heriot-watt christian union's and seven's, and adding as many strange feature as i can.

i am on Seven which is a team run by all the CU's in edinburgh to provide multimedia events and other events for people to come and be challenged but have an enjoyable time. i am in charge of the technical side of the organisation of the events, the lighting, sound, video, slides and anything else. it is hard work and challenging but is really rewarding.

i also enjoy photography, and some of my photos can be seen by using the links below. i will put more up sometime when i get them scanned in, oh if i had time.