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Is He Alive?

"Elvis, King of Rock and Roll, was seen at the Corner Shop between Forth Street and Fifth Lane today. We have a live report from Matthew Trooper who is in the area where the incident occurred. Hello, Matthew."

"Yes, hello, we are at the shop where he visited at 3 o'clock this afternoon. We have the shopkeeper who served here. So what exactly happened?"

"Well I was serving old Mrs. Adams,... is that camera on? "


"Oooh, Hi Auntie Martha! Did you know it's her eighth birthday and do you know what that means she is eighty isn't that amazing."

"Not really! What about Elvis?"

"Sorry, well Mrs. Adams was in for her weekly groceries, when this man walked into the shop. It was weird I swear I could hear faint music coming from around him, he was dressed in white and seemed to be glowing.
Well I was so stunned that my mouth fell open, he seemed to glide towards me and then he asked if he could have some milk. I moved as though I was in a trance, not that I've ever been in one but you know what I mean, I gave him his milk. He then placed a $10 note on the counter and said, "Keep the change." and then glided out of the shop. When I awoke I found that Mrs. Adams had fainted."

"We also have another witness who swears it was a real thing. So Mr. Post was it really him?"

"Oh yes, it was definitely him. His eyes, his hands, his feet, his ears, his nostrils, every single part of him was him. Well who else could it be, I worked with him many years ago and I would say if that wasn't him then I'm a monkeys' uncle."

"So what was it like seeing this man for the first time in many years?"

"Strange, man, really strange it was as though you were looking at something from another world it was so unreal."

ôSo did you speak to him?"

"Well I wasn't sure if he'd recognise me but I gave it a shot and said hello. He actually remembered me I was so surprised after all these years and I only worked with him for a short time. We talked for three hours then he said he better go so I watched as he danced himself away."

"Well that's all we have just now so it's Matthew Trooper reporting Live from New Cannon for JC Television."

"Thank you Matthew."

[ a short time later ]

Newsflash: "An update on a strange story we featured earlier about Elvis. We have just heard that a man dressed as Elvis has been arrested for paying for groceries with counterfeit, it seems as though Elvis will only ever really be alive in our hearts."

[ written by Stephen Ogston and are Copyright Protected ]