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The Road

"Okay, here's another one coming!" I shouted into the speaker, "Get ready men this looks like a determined one."
The road was out. In fact it had never actually been finished. It always led from the city but the message of the danger never seemed to have reached them. It was our job to ensure that people turned onto a slip road to another road before it was too late.
Some did. Some did not. No one really knew why they didn't. Was it blindness? Was it stubbornness? Or were they just unable to accept that someone would build a road to nowhere.
The car sped on towards us. "Quick, Stage One: Flags!" I shouted into the speaker. Suddenly two men on either side of the road jumped up and waved two red flags. The people in the car stared out in disbelief and amusement. They waved back.
"Stage Two: Flares!" Two flares suddenly lit up the night sky. Red. Warning. Danger. The car continued to watch the show, unconcerned for all a reason. No questions. People stood shouting warnings. Yet it appeared that the windows echoed cheers rather than warnings.
"Okay time for Stage Three!" I yelled into the mic. "The signs!" On either side of the road light displays lit up the darkness. "Warning!" they flashed "Road is not leading anywhere. Road not finished. Please take road on left to complete road." Lasers also lit up the night with the word "Danger."
The car slowed, looked at the signs, thought about it but then began to race ahead again. The map they read, said there was a road, there had to be one. The signs had been old, they didn't relate to the present condition. Things were different now. They were different.
"Okay boys. Stage Four!" I shouted, these people had gone too far, the danger was so close. They just had to stop. "Barricade the road. Lights. Don't let them past. They must stop."
Still the car sped on. Lights flashed on the barriers, people waved flags, signs and arrows pointed. Yet still they came on. It seemed determined. It had come to the point. It was now their choice.
"Clear the road men!" I shouted. At once all the men withdrew from the road. Still shouted. Still waving flags. Signs still spoke. Lights still danced. Sirens still sung. But no one listened. The car sped onwards. Through the barriers. Out of reach. Their choice. Their decision.
I paused. A tear fell into the half full bucket. A shout rung through the silent air. "Here's another!" And so it begins again . . .

[ Written by Stephen Ogston and are Copyright Protected ]