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wine for my heart - tears say- a lonely figure - a puppy

Wine For My Heart
Bang! A nail is driven in,
A drop of blood drops,
Into my cup. Which I hold,
Full of given tears,
Close to my heart

Red they drop, from pain
Given so freely above.
Love flows from iron hate,
From men who cannot feel
The peace within my heart.

Cries in the dark, die as words
Spoken so clear and close
My hands which hold my cup.
Catching fallen tears of blood,
Given for my heart.

Pains of my past, strike deep
Into the present so real.
Forgiveness pours clear red
Wine for the cup held,
Next to my heart.

Death passes and life begins,
The cup I raise to my lips.
I sip and then full of peace,
I rest in his arms of love
Which holds my heart.

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Tears Say
Tears say, "I miss you, when you're gone."
Tears shout, "Don't leave me all alone."
Tears whisper, "Giving is hard, oh so hard."
Tears lovingly fall when you're on your own.

Tears say, "I've missed you, never leave again."
Tears shout, "I love you, I always will."
Tears whisper, "It's so easy when you're back."
Tears so close together, people they fill.

Tears say, "I forgive you, for what you do."
Tears shout, "I love you and will never leave you."
Tears whisper, "I have given it for all your sins."
Tears free fall from high on the cross.

Tears flow endlessly, washing sins away.
Tears of joy, laughter, sadness mixed.
Tears give freedom for those in hard hearts,
And tears in love, giving of all, fall never fixed.

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A Lonely Figure
A lonely figure sitting there,
Overcome with love and grief.
Missing friendships of those who care,
Seen only for a time so brief.

Tears of warmth pour freely by,
Apparent on a heart of gold.
Memories stay, while shadows die,
Face reflects all hot and cold.

His hand, in my hand, transmitted love,
As bonds became so close and strong.
Then heard whispers from a place above,
Calling love, joy and peace in song.

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A Puppy
A puppy is huddled in a corner, still.
A teardrop falls from the eye
The eye of sight of horrors to fear.
Will life exist where death seems to grow?

A man huddles up in the corner, black.
A voice repeats over, signing her death,
Sitting in blood which plays on the heart.
Will light exist where darkness is near?

A boy at a spring collects blood for the hurt,
A time of escape brushes life
Unto a paper with names of living.
Will people exist where the mind is no more?

A girl cries for her father who's gone,
The girl cries for a brother, life slipped away.
The girl cries as a puppy nudges her
Bringing life and light back into her mind.

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[ All poems written by Stephen Ogston and are Copyright Protected ]