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love - a child's sonnet- joy - peace - nailed to a sacrifice - what is this i find?

Love is patient and is never proud,
It doesn't fade like the dying flower.
Love isn't rude and it is never loud,
Protecting and filling you with power.
Love is important. It's the beginning
Of all the relationships that exist.
I t heals the hurt and raises the singing,
Which brings hope to people walking in mist.
The wind blows through the trees filling your face
With a breeze so clear and pure to believe.
It makes your heart glad and feel you are ace,
Filling you with peace like creation's eve.
If you are the most important known king,
But have never loved then you are nothing.

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A Child's Sonnet
When I'm all alone and feeling quite sad,
Needing someone to wipe away my tears.
To give me a hug and say I'm not bad,
And say that they love me, swamping my fears.
When I'm all safe and sound, sleeping in bed,
I dream of a new life which is all love.
Where people are friends and do what is said
By a King ruling in peace far above.
At a noise, I wake and find I'm not there,
Then feel sad all over again, but now
When I think of that place which is so fair,
I feel happy and to that King I'll bow.
So if man should come across that land,
May they greet the King with an open hand.

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Peace, Does It Exist?
When the day is dawning, the sun rises,
The wind isn't blowing from East to West.
The trees aren't swaying, all different sizes,
This is called peace with everything at rest.
Sounds of chainsaws are heard in the distance,
The birds fly north for the winter season,
Animals are looking for assistance,
Is what we are doing nearly all done?
WAIT! Someone is restoring the woodland,
Planting the trees after being cut down.
Building a world for those on a strand,
Those living in slums all around the town.
So which would you prefer for tomorrow?
And do you want to feel peace or sorrow?

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Does Joy Exist?
Boom! Hate rocks the world upsetting peace.
Smash! Love is broken into many parts.
When peace returns, all wars and troubles cease,
Then will all people find joy in their hearts?
A smile. A humorous thought spins a laugh.
A boy enjoying all things around him,
Playing in peace, without Fear's haunting laugh.
Love comes and fills Joy's cup to the brim.
Joy is known purely, only as a child,
When worry never seems to touch the mind.
It exists when life isn't worry wild.
When you feel so special, so loved and kind.
Plant a seed, water it with love and peace,
It will grow, bloom with joy and never cease.

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Nailed to a Sacrifice
Nailed to a sacrifice
Cleansed by tears
Washed by the blood
Forgiven of all sins

Peace through a storm
Light from the darkness
Joy from the grief
Paid for the worthless

Strength from the broken
Kindness from the cruel
Love flows from hate
Given to the poor.

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What Is This I Find?
What is this I find?
As I bow upon my knees
At the foot of a criminal
A Man who was against us
Who cared little for us!

What is this I find?
A spot of red, fallen from above
Blood from the nails
Which I hammered in
With my own hands and actions.

What is this I find?
A snowdrop begins to grow
In the place of sin
Where His blood fell
As it forgave all I've done.

What is this I find?
As I look up into his eyes
Eyes of Love which pour.
He manages to smile then
He dies at me. For me?

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[ All poems written by Stephen Ogston and are Copyright Protected ]