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Christian Union's
Heriot-Watt CU - my CU
and seven - who are associated with all the CU's in Edinburgh and who do Friday Night Live, Impact etc.
De Montfort University CU
- a worthwhile site to visit and also their ezine : "The Big Bang"
Edinburgh CU - quite a small site, but a large CU
Bart's CU - no relation to Mr. Simpson I think?
Brunel University CU - a well designed site
Durham CU - well I think I know someone here but I don't know who
London CU - mmm London, a bit far from bonnie Scotland
Other CU's

my 4th year project - predicting the weather on Cairn Gorm

Friend's Sites
gareth's homepage - the ex-pres of hwucu and a great irish chap
andrew's homepage - the only Wet Kipper!
Phil's homepage - someone who everyone looks up to!

Christian Organisations
the church of scotland's website
The Eric Liddell Centre, next to my local church

Web Searchers

Scotland Stuff
The Scotsman

Other Lands
Cayman Islands I stayed here from when I was age 7 to 10

Food & Drink